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Camping avec parc aquatique Vendée

Holiday in Brem-sur-Mer


Nature and discovery in Vendée

  • 1 marked hiking trail between vineyards and countryside
  • Guided walks or bike rides
  • Angling on the Auzance river (mules, bass, plaice, smelt...)
  • La Gachère and its marsh: small village of sailors, very typical with its narrow alleys with low houses whitewashed.

Que faire à Brem sur Mer ©A.Lamoureux

©A. Lamoureux Vendée Expansion

The Heritage of Brem sur Mer

  • Romanesque church St Nicolas: built during the 11th century, one of the oldest in the Vendée.
  • St Martin’s Church: was a pilgrimage chapel built by the monks in the 11th century.
  • Menhir de la Crulière: listed as a Historical Monument since 1934.

The Festivities in Brem sur Mer

  • The Medieval Church of Brem: Mass in the church of St Nicolas, costumed parade, hunting horns, making old-fashioned bread (May 1).
  • Broc à Brem: flea market in the town centre (July)

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